Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Three Days to Go...

and just when I'm trying to slow down, they give me EXTRA work :)

Partially because my clients want to see me before I go, and partially because when you need somebody to cover a shift - it doesn't matter if they've just got there or are on the way out. If they're there, they're yours.

I'm beginning to realize, as I reflect on the last few years how important a step this job was for me. I know that it wasn't a great fit all the time, and it isn't where I want to continue to build a career, but it has been an important experience for many reasons:

1) I have picked up some good business skills, and an insight to the workings of a large corporation (ask David St. Lawrence why this is important, I dare ya... buy his book here)

2) I have met so many like minded people (working in customer service/sales gives you ample opportunity to meet new people.) I know at least some of these people will form a valuable support network which will help me through many life challenges.

3) One of those people is Nigel - my partner in Blog :) Seriously N, I probably wouldn't have started blogging if you hadn't agreed to do it with me :)

4) I saved up enough money that I could consider the possibility of going back to school (not as much as I need, but it brought school into the realm of possibility for me)

5) My job forced me to learn how to communicate and LISTEN more effectively. In pursuing my communications degree as in life, I know that these skills will be invaluable.

6) I think I have even become a little more organized these past few years, definately attributable to my work environment.

I know I complain about the corporate lifestyle (and specifically MY corporate lifestyle) alot, and most of my complaints I feel are legitimate. However, now that my last few days are here I also think it is important to reflect on the positive, and share it with you. I have learned a great deal, now it is time to move on.


Blogger nigel said...

and I know I speak for many when I say, "the best of luck to you my treasured friend."

11:31 AM  

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