Thursday, July 14, 2005

Slow Down or else....

From BBC News:

"We live in a world where instant gratification is not fast enough, in a world of not only speed dating, but even of speed yoga, said Mr Honoré.
The author of In Praise of Slowness decided to decelerate after he found himself speed reading bedtime stories to his son.
He even found himself excited when he read in the newspaper a story about one-minute bedtime stories.

But he caught himself: "Has it really come to this that I'm ready to fob off my son with a sound bite at the end of the day?"
People point to urbanisation, consumerism and globalisation as the cause of this "roadrunner culture", he said, but it is more fundamental.
"In our society, time is a scarce resource," he said. "We turn everything in race with the finish line but we never reach that finish line."
But around the world, there is a backlash against this culture, such as the slow food and slow city movement in Italy.
Across the world, people are slowing down, and they are finding that they "eat better, make love better, exercise better, work better". "

"We turn everything into a race to the finish line, but we never reach that finish line" How many times in your own life have you thought: "My life will be so much better when I acheive X" then when you achieve X only find yourself thinking "my life will be so much better when I acheive Y!" X and Y could be anything really, new house, girlfriend/boyfriend, promotion at work. Essentially we end up being in a race with ourselves where everybody loses! Not content with X or Y for very long, we rush to do the next thing that will make us happy, not realizing that true happiness comes from within.

I think the idea behind the slow movement described above is that when we slow down and turn off distractions in our lives, we suddenly have the time needed to see what will really make us happy. We acheive clarity, and gain energy. We invite ourselves to enjoy the process of achieving a goal, more than the goal itself, and we learn to appreciate the moment.


But worth striving for.


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